Tecnicoll designs and builds tailor-made machines for the cosmetics industry; but functional and developed machinery is not enough for our customers on their actual possibilities and needs.

Even before you start working on the drawing table to develop a new machine, it is often necessary to study the conditions of the work a machine will have to do, the product that will have to work, the environment in which it will operate. What will be the critical points? Which are the costs? What are the inevitable requirements to guarantee a result? Decades of experience allow us to analyze any work from the beginning, and provide an assessment of the project that will be needed, of the possible innovations that it will allow, and of any difficulties it will be needed.

Once you have fully understood and in all respects the work that the machine will have to do, you can start designing it. Any machine you can see among the products that we present on this site is just one example: both with the combination of dozens of different possibilities, and with the development of solutions entirely Innovative to meet particular requests or critical issues, we can state that TECNICOLL produces each of its machines tailor-made for the customer, adapting any feature already in the design phase to meet the real application conditions. Every job is unique, and for any particular need, if there is a possible solution, we implement it.

TECNICOLL machines are always built to last, and if properly used and maintained can work for decades. As regards the necessary spare parts, we have a warehouse always ready with all the main spare parts, to minimize the waiting time to receive the necessary component; and if - as often happens - the first fault arrives after so much time from the purchase that the machine is not in production, we are always able to produce promptly any piece needed for the service, thanks to our complete historical archive of every work carried out since the foundation.

The design of every machine or device made by TECNICOLL since the day it was opened in 1983, is still safely stored in our technical archives. This means that we are always able to find the projects and any spare part of our machinery - or to rework for new requirements the solutions implemented in a job made in the past. Also all our customers who are using from decades the same machine known that we continue knowing it in depth.

Before a TECNICOLL's machine leaves our factory, all its components - and the whole machine - are completely tested in all of the its functions by our technical operators. This control, which is named FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), guarantees that everything, in the functional machine, works exactly as per custom-made project.

Once a machine is ready and tested, it is necessary to install it at the customer's plant, to start it up for the first time, and to verify - together with the customer - the actual functionality and performance. This on-site test, which takes the name of SAT (Site Acceptance Test), is a primary phase of our job, and must be defined with the customer.

The simplicity way of use is one of the fundamental criteria of all the machinery we build: there are no difficult setting, and the interface is always designed to make the use of all our products as easy as possible. But simple does not mean trivial, and a qualified trained operator, who knows the potential of a TECNICOLL machine, can really get high performance for which it was designed. For this reason, TECNICOLL always offers the training of the customer's operators on the use of all our machines, illustrating in detail the operations and the control of the machine.

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