Since 1974 Tecnicoll has solved many cases of special needs

The innovation that revolutionized the hot cosmetic's production.

The first automatic dosing machine for cosmetics was produced by Tecnicoll. In fact, it was Tecnicoll who found out the technical solution for automatic and semi-automatic make-up hot-casting, blushes, lipstick and foundation, reducing the costs of asmall and industrial production by 70%. Previously, the tuning was manual with real pans, manually drawn from a boiler with the product in process. Tecnicoll today produces machines for small runs from a few dozen pieces to production lines for large batches.

Spiral filling with harmonious color dosing.

An Italian multinational with offices all over the world had to produce a foundation with two or more shades for aesthetic and marketing needs, in order to obtain a unique leadership on the market. The technical solution developed by Tecnicoll allowed to coordinate the movements of the container with the pouring of the product throughout multiple nozzles to dose the different colors in a harmonious way, creating the desired spiral effect. The customer's company also used the technology for other products and other solutions.

Anti-air dosing machine for synthetic gel for the American market.

For an American company of dental products, Tecnicoll has developed a dosing machine for a special rubber gel for bite, the gums that protect the two dental arches during the night for those who suffer bruxism (the habit of grinding teeth involuntarily in sleep). The problem was to dose rubber gel without air bubbles. The gel consists of suspended products that tend to separate. The gel therefore had to be continuously mixed without taking in air, either during mixing or during dosing process.

Single-dose solution for shops and commercial organizations.

For a multinational cosmetics manufacturer, Tecnicoll has developed a single-dose lipstick solution to provide his consumers with the chance to try different colors on their lips in a hygienic and safe way. The solution, absolutely innovative for the cosmetic's market, solves all problems of dose, hygiene, safety and costs.

Portable machine for laboratories, small production and commercial organizations.

An American manufacturer has asked us to create a portable machine that can be easily installed in any point of sale or beautician's studio to compact powder, foundation and personalized cosmetic bags for each individual consumer. The machine also allows you to charge cosmetic bags and high value containers when the content is exhausted, with great advantage for the consumer. Many shops and small chainshops can therefore provide both the content charge service for high value cosmetic bags, and the cosmetic's production with their own brand in small special batches.

Cosmetic's production for small batches for small workshops.

Tecnicoll has developed an innovative system for lipstick's packaging for small productions within for high level perfumeries and dealers that can buy components in small quantities, and let pharmacies, herbalists and small laboratories to produce their lipsticks even with their own brand.

Innovative solution for large international brands.

Several prestigious brands asked us their needs to make cosmetics - lipsticks in one case, foundation in another - in an innovative way: instead of pasta, the product had to be soaked in sponges. Tecnicoll has designed, tested and fine-tuned the machine for cutting, soaking and finishing the lipstick sponges and the use of foundation, inserting them into the cosmetic bag.

Cooling tunnel for wax drippers.

The hot wax's drops dosed on the moving belt must be cooled to solidify and be able to be packed; this traditionally required very long carpets - and therefore big space available - or the use of a special cooling tunnel, with the consequent condensation's problems and with a significant increase in costs. To overcome this problems, Tecnicoll has designed special cooled aluminum belts, with cooling systems that reduce the temperature and allow the cooling in much smaller spaces and times and without the need for tunnels.

Weir dosing head for foundation production.

The classic problem of melter-dosing systems is the difficulty in maintaining constant the dose during the decrease of the product inside the melter; in fact, less is the hight of the level, especially with low weight product, the speed of dosing decreases, requiring continuous manual adjustments to maintain the correctdose. To solve this problem on a foundation production line, Tecnicoll has developed a special doser with an intermediate volume that is always maintained at a constant level, correcting automatically when the level drops; this allows a uniform dosage throughout the entire process.

Mobile nozzle system for lipstick packaging.

In hot filling, many materials - in contact with the cold container - tend to stratify if poured from the top, compromising the appearance of the finished product. To avoid this problem it is necessary to fill from the bottom, but traditionally this required a mobile dosing system that moved in a block, with heavy wear of the machine and the need for a lot of space. To solve the situation in a lipstick production company, Tecnicoll has developed and patented a system where only the nozzle is movable, this guarantee perfect filling but doesn't require the movement of the heavy machine blocks, allowing savings in both space and power, and reducing wear on moving parts.

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